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Welcome to Mermaid Israel

The Mermaiding Experience is finally in the holy land! 

Ever wished to feel like a real Mermaid and Merman? now, you can.

An adventure for the entire family, that will make all your dreams come true. "Mermaid Israel" is the first ever mermaid school in the Middle East.

Become a real mermaid 

"A Month after the experience, my daughter still can't stop talking about how magical and fun it has been. We can't wait to go back on her birthday"

Karin and Lia, Mermaids


Choose your adventure

about me

My name is Shir Katzenell

I've wanted to become a real mermaid ever since I fell in love with Disney's "the little mermaid" as a kid. 

At 26, that dream come true. I created my very own mermaid tail and swan in the red sea. I felt free, happy and careless. It was amazing and so much fun!

At 2016 i created Mermaid Israel, so that i can Share that experience with all who wants to enter a world of fantasy. Mermaid Israel offers single and group activities for the entire family where you can all be the hero of your own adventure and become real mermaids an mermen.  


The activity includes

The city of Ceasarea has a secret garden with a privet swimming pool, and that is where our journey to become mermaids, begins!

The Dream Begins

we will listen to the ocean throw a sea shell and make a wish

Rent a fin

Every participant will get their very own real mermaid tail

Fun in the pool

We will swim with our fins, play and learn the secrets of the deep 

Mermaid Makeover

we will learn the official Mermaid Look and get our very own Mermaid Makeover

Posing at the pool

A few pictures of us a real mermaids in classic mermaid poses

Underwater photos

 The best souvenir from  the magical experience 

Thank you for making my childhood dream come true!

I didnt even know that was possible and I will never ever forget it!"

Shayel and friends, merfolk



Double Magic

An hour and a half experience

a privet event just for the two of you

an hour and a half of fun includes:

Mermaid makeover

Fins for rent

a privet lesson of mermaiding

*underwater photos

price for Double magic

640 Shekel 

*underwater photos with extra charge


Group / family fun

An hour and a half experience

A privet event just for your group

Mermaid makeover

fins for rent

a fun activity in the water

*underwater photos

price per participant

250 Shekel per participant

*underwater photos and videos with extra charge

*Group of 5 or more gets free underwater photos


Special Events

 3 hours experience 

Perfect for birthdays or Bachalorette parties

A privet event just for you

Mermaid makeover

fins for rent

a fun activity in the water

birthday celebration

underwater photos



2500 Shekel for a group of up to 12 participants

price for a group

contact me

תודה רבה. קיבלנו את ההודעה ונענה לך בהקדם



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